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Regulus A. Black
Things have been incredibly... edgy around here since Sirius and I came home. Mum is doing this thing where she has ACTUALLY taken to ignoring Sirius' presance all together... which is really bizzare come dinner time. Could you imagine sitting down to eat with your family and not have your mum acknowledge you? At all? I mean... she doesn't even greet him. She doesn't call him down when meals are ready... and I'm fairly certain the last few times Sirius has had to make his OWN place setting. The woman is fierce... I don't know how much longer Sirius is going to be able to put up with it before he cracks.

Father's even worse, though. He's done nothing but condemn Sirius' attempts to make things right. I don't blame dad though, because I don't really buy it either. I think he's just temporarily going along with Bellatrix's wishes for some unknown reas...



This is all Amycus' fault. He's got to be the one responsible for tearing Sirius in two. Why ELSE would he all of a sudden ditch his friends and start hanging out with Bellatrix's? There IS no other reason.

I'd much rather have him hanging around with his real friends than adopt the sadists and schitzophrenics that Bella calls friends...

although, he IS dating one of those sadists... maybe Sirius is more warped than I thought.


Marlene won't tell me what a perm is, but it is aparently bad and having to do with her hair. This is a bit unsettling, since her hair was quite lovely the way it was.


Thank you.
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Well, let's all take a moment and be glad that the muggle studies trip wasn't planned for last week. HOW SUCKY WOULD IT HAVE BEEN IF A BUNCH OF PUREBLOODS WERE MURDERED?! My condolences for those that lost a loved one.

hmm... the word 'condolence' is interesting. That would imply that I was sympathetic to the issue at hand, when really... I'm not. I haven't got the slightest idea what it's like to be related to a muggle... let alone to be related to a muggle and have them die. Is it a sad thing? That the muggles were put out of their misery and taken away from a life where they were forced to live without magic or luxury? Is it a sad thing that wizards took the responsibility upon themselves to rid those that were murdered from a life of burden and strife? Do we as purebloods really have such a responsibility; to end muggles lives in order to relieve them of their suffering?

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Dear Doris and Glinda Slutface,

I hate you both. I hope you die of many many incurable diseases and suffer through them to experience a long, drawn out, painful death. I hope you lose your sight and your hearing, your sense of smell and any sort of physical sensation so that you may never enjoy another single thing that this ridiculous world has to offer a pair of judgement impared whores like yourselves.


Die. A lot.

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Gryffindor lost their Keeper. We now not only have a better Seeker (me) than they do, but now our Chasers will actually be able to score...

Really... WHAT A SHAME.

Okay I'm not sorry about it at all. I lied. Am I the only one rejoicing over the fact that that loud mouthed girl is QUITTING?!

Funny. I wasn't aware Gryffindors knew how to quit... strange.

Are you taking Muggle Studies? Because I'm sort of interested in that trip to an 'amusement park.' Only, I'm not a Muggle Studies student. Do you know if non-students are able to attend?


So have you finished kissing Bellatrix's ass yet? Because I'm quite curious to know the outcome... You know that communication bit that we talked about? We should start NOW. With you telling me everything.
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[private to Sirius]
Alright, what's this rubbish about wanting to 'patch things up' with Bellatrix? You'd rather be on good terms with someone who openly despises you than speak to your own brother? Your brain has gone to mush.

Narcissa, have you read anything interesting about the two of us lately? Because I certainly have. Who knew Hogwarts was full of such brilliant fiction writers! They're lucky Marlene's not the type to get jealous. That "slam book" is quite the convincing read!

Oh, and by the way...



Narcissa, we should chat.

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I had a dream the other night in which I was approached personally by the dark lord himself. This fact alone is quite strange, but I couldn't help but feel a bit proud about it. I've never been outwardly vocal about my detest for those who's blood isn't of the same purity as my own, but that doesn't mean that the hatred isn't there. I don't know that it makes me a horrible person perse, but I'm not sure if it makes me a poster child for Dumbledore's ranks either. Maybe I SHOULD just submit to the desires of my family? They DO seem to know what's best for me...

But then... there's Marlene...

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're not sure if it was supposed to be a good dream, or a nightmare? They're quite strange... and impossible to fall back to sleep after.

Just saying...
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So I get roped into this ridiculous show by my fabulous cousin, and I end up getting a part that actually has a purpose. Why couldn't I have been a prop? Like a wall, or a tree. I'd be much more suited for something that I didn't have to practice doing.

Besides. This show is about Gay people. I already get enough of those around here who knew Sirius was a meathod actor? Gays are almost as bad as Mudbloods

I hate this show already.
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The fact that Ravenclaw beat us in the last match is highly unforgivable. If we can beat Gryffindor, we should be able to beat anyone. Since when did they get a good seeker? I'm not amused, and I'm sure the rest of my house shares my sentiments.

Oh well, we'll win next time.

Current Mood: unamused

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I'm thoroughly unamused with Rita Skeeter's need to continue to peg me as a homosexual.

Especially considering that it was Sirius that did the interview with her to begin with.

Right, dear brother? Of course... you won't admit that will you?
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