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so_regal's Journal

Regulus A. Black
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Regulus A. Black

{ appearence } Before one was to even place their eyes upon the features of Regulus Black, they would automatically be inclined to assume that he would be handsome. The name Black doesn’t come with a hollow reputation, as far as the genetics go. His build is thick and solid; standing at around 5’6, it is obvious that the 14 year old is going to grow to be quite tall as he gets older. His frame is square and rigid, and his limbs are long and angular. His high-cheeked face is decorated with a square jaw-line and a set of dark, thinly cut lips. His eyes are wide and expressive, and most curiously colored a deep sapphire shade of blue. His lashes are long and dark, and his eyes are topped by a prominent set of black brows. His hair is jet black and kept short; he never really saw the appeal in longer hair… unless it was in the opposite sex.

As far as personal style goes, Regulus is never found in anything but tailored wizard’s robes. Cloaks and robes made of fine materials is all Regulus has ever known, and quite frankly? All he ever CARES to know. He enjoys the finer things in life, even if he prefers simplicity over extravagance. He dresses in muted colors; black, grey, dark blues and greens. He is almost never found in bright colors, and yellow and red are most definitely out of the question… for more than just the fact that they’re bright and unpleasant. He enjoys comfort, and won’t wear anything that he feels awkward in.

{ Personality } If there is one thing that anyone ever learns about the complex Mr. Black, it is that he is a thinker. Whether it be a decision about the robes he wears in the morning, the color ink he writes with, or the way he treats his semi estranged brother, Regulus always weights the pros and the cons and goes with what ever he feels will benefit him the most. He is not interested in affairs that do not concern him, and portrays that in the way he interacts with people from day to day. He is quite anti social and un-conforming; he will never bend his beliefs and morals to fit with the trend of love and equality. To Regulus there is nothing more important in life than to stand by the decisions and beliefs that he has come up with through-out his life time.

That is not to say that Regulus is in anyway shape or form completely sure of what it is he stands for yet, though. He is currently at a stage in his life where he feels like he is stuck in the middle of two separate ideals that conflict with his morality. On one hand he feels that it is his responsibility to stand by what his family’s name once stood for; pride and aristocracy. However, he is finding that the more he observes his family, the more he finds that it is quite corrupt and immoral. His relatives who once viewed blood purity as a sign of history and respect have turned it into a reason to discriminate and hate; something that Regulus is not quite sure he can come to grips with. He still believes that being pure in decent is important, but cannot say whether or not he feels like he is better because of it. Before, it was enough for Regulus to say that he was better than other people just because he was a Black, but as he discovers more unpleasant things about the ‘noble and most ancient’ house that he descends from, he comes to grips with the fact that there must be something more than just his name that puts him on a higher level…

But what?

Because of his uneasiness in the category of blood purity and prejudice, Regulus finds that his is on quite a different page than the rest of his housemates. Resembling more of a stuck up Ravenclaw, Regulus has found that he identifies much better with those that understand the importance of why they’re studying at Hogwarts, and those that will let him study in peace without worrying about gossiping about the new ‘house traitor.’

Regulus also struggles with loyalty and authority. Being brought up in a family that has been so good at disentitling members of the Black family, Regulus knows first hand what it means to be un-loyal. Currently he is fighting an internal battle with himself over his relationship with his only brother, the only boy that he has ever remotely been able to have any sort of friendship with. He knows that his family is on the brink of erasing him from their memories, and Regulus knows that he isn’t ready for that. Despite complications that he and the eldest Black Boy have had, he still looks at his brother with respect and feels a sense of loyalty toward him that he has never had before. But would loyalty for an estranged relative be considered disloyalty to the rest of his family? Of this he is unsure, so he is currently locking himself away from everyone, trying to figure out what exactly he is supposed to do…

But is what he is ‘supposed to do’ right?

That leads us to Regulus’ issue with rule and authority. Never has Regulus ever been able to relate to those in authority over him. Being the spoiled baby of a large and overly wealthy family, Regulus has always gotten his way, and never been told to do something that he didn’t want to do. This caused many problems for him as he branched away from his sheltered life and into a world where rules and expectations were present. He faced many conflicts with teachers and older students as a youth in primary school, and to this day he still finds it difficult to follow instructions given to him by a professor. To say the least, Regulus is a young anarchist, which will no doubt cause him to have quite a bumpy road ahead of him… that is, if he ever gets a hold of a set of beliefs that he’s willing to stand up for.

Finally, Regulus is a passionate and emotional individual. He cares deeply for those that he actually manages to build relationships with, even if it is a very small amount of people. He becomes deeply offended when people doubt his judgment of others, and when the people he cares about aren’t accepted by others that he would consider having an opinion that mattered to him, great conflicts generally occur.

DISCLAIMER: Regulus Black is not a real person. He is the partial fabrication of J.K. Rowling. All details and quirks came from my demented little brain, and Shane West has been used as a wonderful physical incarnation of this fictional character. The End. All Hail The Potterverse.